Housing Options

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Johnsons Retreat Center

Nine Carpeted bedrooms that sleep four people each. Dormitory style (2 twin beds, one bunk) rooms with the bonus of a full kitchen, dining/meeting area and air conditioning.

The Barn

Two large sleeping quarters accommodate 24 people. Each room is carpeted, has 2 showers, restroom and air conditioning/heating unit. An unheated open rec. area with basketball hoop is upstairs.

North Heights

Two duplexes, each accommodate 24 people. The buildings are carpeted with sleeping areas in the upper levels and meeting rooms in each lower level. Both units are air conditioned/heating. There is a kitchenette in one duplex.

Trinity House

Two large sleeping quarters accommodate up to 24 people. Each room contains its own shower, restroom & air conditioning/heating unit. A heated meeting area is located on the upper level of the cabin, including a faucet, A-C and an open deck extending from the same level.

Hope Village Cabins

Twelve large cabins accommodating 12 each. Each cabin has a shower, restroom and air conditioning units. One cabin is handicapped accessible.

Tree Houses

Four unheated cabins sleep 12 people each. There is a shower house located nearby. The tree houses are available May through September, and they each have their own air conditioning unit.