Marriage Retreat

Riverside Marriage Retreat: March 4-6, 2016

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God’s Word is powerful—it affects lives and marriages! Couples enjoy time together, as well as worship, skits by our program team, lots of fun, great food, fellowship, and laughter. The theme for this weekend is "The Two Shall Become One".

The Marriage Retreat is a time to get away from our normal schedules, demands as being parents, housework, yard work, (shoveling snow), cooking, dishes, etc.! Take the time to be with your spouse in an atmosphere which encourages godly marriages, lasting relationships, friendships within marriages, and fellowship with others.

Our Speaker

Riverside is pleased to welcome Dan Earle to Riverside as our marriage retreat speaker! Dan is a native of West Des Moines, and he is passionate about helping couples achieve connection, communication, and collaboration in all areas of their relationship. Dan and his wife, Mandy, enjoy kickboxing and working out together (5am every morning!), healthy eating, camping and hiking in the deep wilderness with their kids, dog-loving (currently have 2 Australian Shepherds and 2 Jack-Rat Terriers), music (listening to music of all kinds and going to concerts at small local venues), and exploring new activities of any kind! They are very fun-loving and are always looking for new adventures in life together.

Lampost Theatre

Saturday evening, date night here at Riverside, we will witness a production by the Lampost Theatre titled, "The Really Me". Do you ever find yourself caught up in your daily routines and realize that...surely there has to be more to life than one more day at the office, another load of laundry, or the next show on TV? Take a moment to breathe, put the to-do list on hold, and go on a journey with Lampost Theatre's latest touring production, The Really Me. The show explores what keeps us from diving deep into relationships, engaging with the person across the table, and ultimately connecting with the Lord. In classic Lampost style, the piece uses a variety of active theatre styles from physical theatre to mime to broad comedy, all put together in a way that presents a humorous but poignant message about the importance of finding our identity in Christ. We are looking forward to having Lampost back at Riverside!

PLEASE pray about coming to the Marriage Retreat in March 2016! Bring some friends! Maybe you know a couple who would really like to come, but child care and/or money is prohibiting them. Can you help, or could you find help for them? The registration fee is a great GIFT to give for anniversaries! They will appreciate it!

Housing Options & Fee

$140 - Riverside housing - couples stay in individual cabins or rooms.
$110 - Commute - sleep at home, or make your own reservation at a local hotel, and attend all of the programming at camp.
Possible Story City hotels - Comfort Inn 515.733.6363 or Viking Inn 515.733.4306
*Fee includes all meals and programming


Register online or by downloading and mailing in the registration form below by February 26th, to make sure you have a spot! Online registrations are open until Wednesday, March 2 at midnight, or you can register by calling the office up until Wednesday, March 2 at 5:00 pm. Couples arrive Friday evening and the retreat ends with a brunch on Sunday at 11:30. You DON'T want to miss this weekend!

Download the 2016 registration form.