Riverside Summer Camp 2017 Theme is: Rooted!

Staying in Contact

Sending Mail to Your Camper

Camper Name
Cabin Name
Riverside Lutheran Bible Camp
3001 Riverside Rd.
Story City, IA 50248

To help save money on ink and paper, please DO NOT email or fax your camper at Riverside. We will not deliver them.


Want to send a care-package to your camper? We have two great options. Both can be purchased for your camper when you register them and we will do the work for you!

Option 1

One summer theme t-shirt in their size
One coupon to the Riverside Camp Store for a free food and a free drink item
One Riverside bracelet
Cost: $15

If your child is in ranch, they will receive the following in their care package.
One summer ranch theme t-shirt in their size
One coupon to the Riverside Camp Store for a free food and a free drink item
One Riverside bracelet
Cost: $15

Option 2 (birthdays only)

Is your camper spending their birthday at camp? That's great! Of course we'll be singing for them at dinner on their birthday, but if you'd like, we can also have a batch of home-made cookies prepared for them and their whole cabin on their birthday to enjoy during cabin bonding time.
Cost: $5

Telephone Calls

A part of a camping experience is being away from home, family, and friends. At Riverside we look forward to campers experiencing camp to its fullest. We ask that you refrain from calling Riverside or sending your camper's cell phone with them so it isn't a distraction to themselves or other campers. Please know that if we feel a call to Mom or Dad is needed, we will contact you. (Read more about what to bring to camp.)

Helpful hints for a successful week of camp and ways to prevent homesickness!!!

Riverside wants campers to get the most out of their time here! We have come up with some ideas that will improve chances of your camper having a great camp experience. Some campers struggle with homesickness. Many have been able to overcome it and still enjoy their week. Other campers find themselves going home. We hope each of these campers will be willing to try again.

We have put together some helpful hints for ways you, as parents, can help prevent homesickness from taking place!

Parents: Tips for preventing homesickness

  • Before you send your child off to camp, make sure to ask him/her if they have any concerns/worries about camp. This way you can address any problems before they occur.
  • Familiarize your son or daughter with camp. Visit the camp if possible, look at the camp DVD, and visit the camp website.
  • Talking positively about the camp experience.
  • Don't tell your child how much you're going to miss them while they are gone, or how the house will be empty without them. Instead, tell your child that you will be fine while he/she is gone and that you are looking forward to hearing about his/her adventures at the end of the week.
  • Do NOT promise your child that you will pick them up if they get homesick. This automatically sets them up for failure and puts their focus more on the "deal" than the experience.
  • If you worry about your child getting homesick, have them go with a friend or family member if possible. It helps to have a familiar face.
  • Send letters! Especially before the first day so they have one waiting for them when they get there. Or you may leave letters at registration on Sunday for your child. Also, make sure to keep your letters focused on their camp experience and not things that are happening at home.
  • Make sure your child knows beforehand that they will not be able to talk to you on the phone during the camp week. And avoid phone calls to the camp.
  • Don't linger at camp too long when dropping them off on the first day.
  • Remind your child that homesickness is normal, but no reason to go home. Encourage them to talk to their counselors if they find themselves becoming homesick.
  • Send along a favorite stuffed animal, family picture or other familiar item.
  • Don't send a cell hone with them and expect them to text you.

What can kids do?

  • Write letters to your family and friends. They want to know everything you're doing at camp
    so fill them in!
  • Bring photos, stuffed animals, or anything else to camp that reminds you of home.
  • Stay busy while you're at camp. Riverside offers so many fun things to do you won't want to miss out!
  • If you find yourself missing home, talk to your counselor, he/she is there to help.