What can volunteers do at Riverside to help the ministry?

Well here are a few things volunteers have done….

  • Quilting quilts
  • Camp Nurse
  • Rode horses
  • Raked
  • Spoken at church
  • Stuffed envelopes
  • Cut down trees
  • Placed posts
  • Created signs
  • Built cabins
  • Cleaned the pool
  • Recharge counselor
  • Served as Board member
  • Stocked shelves
  • Cooked
  • Built decks
  • Hung quilts
  • Built fence
  • Roofed
  • Repaired bridge
  • Set up computers
  • Picked up garbage
  • Painted walls
  • Replaced windows
  • Painted the pool
  • Built bunks
  • Drywalled and insulated
  • Laid walkways
  • Trimmed trees
  • Planted shrubs
  • Mowed grass
  • Laid concrete
  • Assembled riding arena
  • Removed bell
  • Auctioned items
  • Baked goodies
  • Built corrals
  • Improved campfire hill
  • Installed stools
  • Made drinking fountain
  • Promoted camp
  • Created a logo
  • Moved office furniture
  • Painted buildings
  • Designed cabin
  • Seed lawn
  • Moved trees
  • Cleaned cabins
  • Built riding ring
  • Restored basketball court
  • Built carpet ball tables

…but most importantly, volunteers have prayed!
This isn’t a comprehensive list. It is just the things we could list in a few minutes.

Do you want to volunteer and help to improve the Riverside ministry? Then call us at 515-733-5271 or 1-800-372-7748 and let us know when you would be available and we will do our best to arrange for your help.

Thrivent member?

Did you know Thrivent will give funds to Riverside to help support your volunteer effort? It is true. If you are a Thrivent member, volunteer 25 hours or more in a calendar year and give at least a $10 donation to Riverside, Thrivent will give $25 to Riverside. Call our office staff for forms.