Our Summer 2021

COVID Response

While we have come a long way toward understanding and preparing for the COVID-19 virus, we acknowledge there is still more to learn. However, to date we have:

  • navigated many of the challenges that accompany this difficult virus.

  • adopted practices and protocols to improve the safety at camp for staff & guests.

  • successfully hosted a variety of events with good outcomes.

  • been responsive to guest feedback and have worked hard to remain informed through available resources (CDC & Prevention, Christian Camping & Conference Association, Association of Camp Nurses, Iowa Department of Public Health).

  • we are currently working on and writing our Communicable Disease Plan which will eventually be reviewed and approved by our county health department prior to summer camp.

Most frequently asked questions:


How is camp going to work in light of COVID? 

This is a difficult question to answer in a way that can give full satisfaction to the person asking it. This virus has not been around that long, and with summer camp still months away, we can't say with certainty exactly what camp will 'look' like. We pray that God continues to move in this time and brings resolve to this illness. We may be making decisions now that in a couple of months may change depending on the trajectory of the data and the status of our state. How we've decided to answer this questions is:

  • If we were to have camp TODAY . . . masks would be required when indoors if less than six feet from campers/staff not assigned to your cabin, this would primarily be in times of transition between activities.

  • Masks would not be required if/when you are with your cabin cohort (indoors or outdoors), obviously this would include when eating/drinking.

  • We are planning for as much programming as possible to take place outdoors, grouped and with space dedicated to the cabin cohorts so that we can be unmasked as much as possible.

  • So many things may change the above, but that would be our protocol if camp started today. 

  • Stay tuned to this COVID page on our website for updates as they become available.

What if our household has an exposure or a positive COVID diagnosis right before camp? 

For this year only, we have amended our cancelation policy for COVID-related reasons, only. ​The deposit of $125 is non-refundable but is transferrable. If you or your family member need to cancel due to either a diagnosis of COVID for the camper or because of a required quarantine due to an exposure, we can transfer your deposit into a payment voucher that can be used at a future event or camp session at Riverside. If COVID is the reason a camper is unable to attend camp, the deposit amount could also be transferred to another camper.​​ **Cancellations for reasons not relating to COVID will result in a loss of deposit.

In this short video, Chris Dahl, Riverside Executive Director, addresses the way we're approaching summer 2021 from a health, safety and faith perspective.

If you have any questions or concerns about our preparedness for COVID-19, please contact us! We want to ensure your Riverside experience is filled with faith, fun and peace of mind...both for your kids and for you.