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How can you improve the effectiveness of teaching children in fimote?

Also consider preparation: Develop a learning guide to help both parent and child develop a learning regimen. Pack everything from the table where you will be working take out your schedule and lay out the books and pamphlets you will need the next day; see what the lesson is about in the subject; determine the order in which you will write the essay; write it down on a piece of paper and number them so you know how many tasks you have; seek help from the authors of the essay ( if you yourself cannot write an essay; Oral teaching:

take out your booklet and see what it has been about in the last hour; go over what you wrote in the dessert; close your eyes, sit back and remember what the teacher said to use dissertation writing service; take a book and read what the lesson is about; divide the whole lesson into meaningful parts; give each device an address; read the first part carefully; ask questions, even sentence after sentence; looking at the book, answer your questions; read the material again; as a teacher, explain to the children that do my essay any person can (including the author of the essay); read it all again; explain the entire lesson to one of your family members, and so on; All this is just an example of how we can provide concrete assistance to families and children. Always tell us exactly what you absolutely need to know, we can also put it in writing so that the child can get it later.

Encourage her to work with peers (for example, her classmates take notes for her). Strengthening not only performance, but also improvements. Most Fimot children learn by ear with difficulty, so the most important thing children receive in writing whenever possible. However, we must ensure that the child's problems do not involve a specific learning problem, i.e. dyslexia or dysgraphia, because in this case, learning that requires reading and writing will be difficult. In such cases, verbal instruction and accountability are desirable.

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