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Exciting Update on our Year End!

In early November of 2021, we announced the exciting news that the Lord had led us to an opportunity to secure more land for future ministry expansion in the years to come! As we sought the Lord in prayer, we put a year end giving goal of $425,000 before our

congregations, friends, and supporters of the ministry of Riverside. That's a big year end goal! This goal would launch us into 2022 to continue the mission and vision the Lord has called us to, help with a few facility improvements and additions around camp, continue to support our great year around team, and purchase this new land mortgage free. Here's an exciting update:

527 households gave gifts towards this goal.

53 congregations gave gifts towards this goal.

2 unexpected estate gifts went towards this goal.

Total given: $532,493.05!

Thank you to not only those who gave at year end, but have continued to faithfully pray and support the Christ-centered ministry of Riverside over the years! The Lord has used you as a conduit of His resources to continue to see lives changed and transformed through the ministry of His camp--praise God! Thank you in advance for your continued prayers and support as we head into 2022 and beyond--all with the mission 'To know Jesus Christ and to make Christ known to all"!

God bless you,

Chris Dahl

Executive Director


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