Riverside 5K & Quilt Day


AUGUST 7, 2021

Saturday, August 7, 2021

Join us for this year's 5K and Quilt Auction day on Saturday August 7, 2021!  At this point, we are planning on an in-person, on-site event that day (with the potential of continued online bidding through an auction site).  Would you like to donate a quilt?  We'd love to see it!  Like to run in the 5K?  We got a spot for you!  Make plans to join us for this incredibly fun day, all supporting God's continued work here at His camp! 

RECAP OF our 2020 annual 5k & Quilt Day 

Our 2020 5k and Quilt Day looked a little different, as you could expect.  We're thankful for so many who donated quilts and participated in our online bidding, as well as joined us for grab-and-go meals.  In the end, after all the bids and payments were settled, the quilts alone brought in $22,635 to the ministry of Riverside Bible Camp! 

SPECIAL THANKS for our 2020 day GOES OUT TO: 

  • Whitaker Marketing

  • Woodland Farms

  • Martin Brothers

  • Barbara Schendel

  • Betty Grinde

  • Our terrific year-round and small summer 2020 staff at Riverside

  • All of our dedicated quilters

  • All participants who hopped on and gave this new format for the Quilt Auction a try - we are grateful!

*Below is 2020 Quilt Booklet and 2020 Quilt Results*