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Challenge Course

About the Challenge Course

What to expect:

Teamwork, communication and trust are strongly emphasized within the group at Riverside’s Challenge Course. Each activity encourages listening and leadership skills, and draws on the obligations and strengths of each member of the group. The method of negotiation and ultimate goal of each event varies greatly. Consequently, the sequence of activities in a given afternoon on the course will vary depending on the needs of the group. Elements include: All Aboard, Spider Web, Giant Skis, Trust Fall, Team Wall, TP Shuffle, Artesian Beams, Bucket Lift, and Whale Watch.

Who should participate?

The Challenge Course is great for groups that want to work on leadership skills, improve communication skills, practice teamwork, or have fun and be challenged together. Youth groups, mission trip groups, youth gathering groups, church adult groups, sororities, fraternities, etc., are perfect for the challenge course.


The Challenge Course is available year-round to any group of adults or youth grade 6 or older. Group size is limited to 12 per facilitator (9 for now, depending on government restrictions). All activities are weather and safety dependent. Please contact Riverside for availability, or email Emily at



$50 per group per hour. The typical program is 1.5-2 hours in length, but a 3 hour program is also possible.

Safety First

The construction, safety systems, and management procedures followed are of state-of-the-art quality. These standards meet or exceed requirements set by professional ropes course builders from across the country. At no time is a participant in a situation where specialized safety measures are not in place. All aspects of the course including equipment, safety inspections, and facilitator certification are approved by Challenge Options, Inc., a professional ropes course building company.

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