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Mission Statement

It's quite simple: "To know Jesus Christ and to make Christ known to all."

Riverside's Purpose

Riverside exists to provide a Christ-centered camping experience to children and adults of all ages. This experience is based on salvation by God's grace alone through faith in Christ alone. Being Christ-centered means making it Riverside's aim to present Christ in EVERY aspect of life at camp - including prayer, singing, fun, crafts, games, free-time, Bible study, eating, campfires, skits, and much, much more! Riverside acknowledges that all of life can be worship, and it is to this end we strive.

Core Values



It’s all about Jesus. To know Him and to make Him known is the foundation of everything we do. His grace dictates every conversation and interaction we have. His Word is the ultimate authority for all we do and all we plan to do. His love is the foundation for the relationships we have with each other, students, families and churches. His gospel is preached regularly so that people can find true life in Him.



We focus on building relationships with campers fed by a living relationship with Jesus Christ. Our campers come first, camp is for the camper! This means laying aside of our wants, our plans, our desires, and ourselves so that we can give our lives to serve our campers. We follow Jesus’ model of caring for and ministering to the people around us with everything we have.



We believe Jesus has the power to change lives for the better and we believe He is using Riverside to do that. We step out in faith to wait on the Holy Spirit’s leading to help us bring the transforming Gospel of Jesus Christ to all with whom we come into contact. When the Spirit breaks into our conversations, our worship, our Bible study, and our playtime, it changes everything.



We want people to leave their camp experience recognizing that it is like no other. It is our opportunity to glorify Jesus and make Him known to the people we serve; therefore, we do not merely do things good enough, but we practice the habit of excellence in our program, customer service, relationships and actions. In all we do, we strive for excellence.



At Riverside, we encourage creativity and fun in everything we do. From skits and theme-verses, to games and activities, to Bible study and worship, we encourage our staff to think creatively and foster a fun environment for our campers and guests. Everything we do at Riverside challenges people to think and grow deeper in their faith and have a lot of fun at the same time.



Riverside serves the people of God by making disciples. We are more than a camp. We are a community and a family that builds people up for Christian leadership. Our staff focuses on encouraging, teaching, service, and personal growth to become stronger leaders within the larger Church. By taking the spiritual growth of our community seriously, we create an environment in which our staff and campers can go and make disciples.

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