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Spirit Inspired Leaders and Servants

We are so excited to kick off our brand new SILAS camp for summer 2022! SILAS, which stands for Spirit Inspired Leaders and Servants, is a program for any current high school students who want to grow in their leadership and get a taste for what it is like to serve on summer staff at Riverside. This is perfect for students who love coming to Riverside and want to develop further in their Christian walk as a disciple of Christ by serving and growing in leadership with the power of the Holy Spirit. We want to help equip the next generation of Christian leaders! This is much different than our high school week. This week will have more responsibilities in helping and serving around camp. While there will still be plenty of fun to be had, there will be less free time and games during a week of SILAS camp. Instead, this will be a week of serving, growing, and learning what it is like to be on staff at Riverside in a small group. SILAS is a great opportunity for students who may want to be a junior cabin leader or cabin leader in the future at Riverside.

There will be seven different weeks of SILAS camp during the summer. Each week there will be one cabin of up to ten SILAS campers, except for high school week and family camp. There will be five weeks available for for female SILAS campers and two weeks available for male SILAS campers. You can sign up for SILAS camp and high school week if you would like to participate in both of these awesome opportunities! We encourage campers to attend both SILAS and high school week, but we understand that it can be difficult to work two weeks of camp into a busy summer schedule. 

High School 2

Who: Current 9th-12th grade students (entering 10th grade in the fall through just graduated from high school) who want to grow in Christian leadership and service.

What: SILAS camp is a great taste of what working at Riverside is all about. You will serve behind the scenes, grow in your faith, and develop yourself as a Christian leader. Check out the bottom of this page for more details.

Where: Riverside of course!

When: Check our master schedule for dates. There are five weeks of SILAS camp for females and two weeks of SILAS camp for males.

Why: Because Riverside is an incredible place to grow in leadership, serve in new ways, and experience the Holy Spirit! 

How Much: $325 (There are no discounts offered for SILAS camp, but contact our office if you are in need of a campership.)

Arrival, Departure, and Other Info

Arrival: 3:30 - 4:15 pm is arrival for SILAS campers. Please do NOT arrive before 3:30 pm, as our staff will be in meetings. We will greet you at the entrance of camp, check you in, and get you to your cabin. You will be able to drop off any medications at our dining hall.

Horseback Riding and Paintball: There will not be time for a horseback ride or paintball, so don't sign up for either of those extra activities.

Camp Store: You will have some time to visit our camp store, so you can set up an account online ahead of time! ($10-$50 is suggested) You can also deposit money at the dining hall during check-in.

Departure: SILAS campers will not participate in the closing program at the chapel. Campers can be picked up at their cabin at 3:00 pm.

High School Campers

What will we do each day?

That's a great question! Each day will be a little different. You will still have Bible study, God time, devotions, and worship just like a normal week of camp, but you will also have intentional times of learning how to grow in prayer and listening to the Holy spirit, how to have a conversation with adults, peers, and kids, how to write and lead a short devotion or Bible study, how to grow in Christian character, and how to share your own story with others. SILAS campers will also help by serving behind the scenes in the dish room and cleaning around camp as well as learning how to help lead free time activities! You will still get to participate in the prayer service and see the mime on Thursday night. There will be team bonding and fun as a cabin every day too. We hope this is a life changing week that helps mold you into the image of our Lord Jesus Christ more and more!

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