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Recapping 2023: A Look Back at Last Year

Dear friends,

In 2023, we saw God do great things in and through His camp. As we reflect back on His faithfulness this past year, we're grateful for your prayers and generous support that are the provision for the mission. Here are just a few highlights from 2023!

  1. Just under 2,000 summer campers were led to Riverside for incredibly fun, screen free, Christ-centered camp experiences!

  2. The Lord led people here from 26 different states and 4 different countries here last year for Riverside Programmed Retreats, being sent back to their communities to share the Gospel.

  3. Hosted 40+ individual/group retreats for churches and ministries, a continued increase coming out of the pandemic.

  4. Invested in 70+ summer staff and released them for Kingdom ministry in their communities.

  5. Fully remodeled our Camp Office, which was in great need of an update. It is now a more welcoming place for our staff, visitors, and guests.

  6. "My child loved the individual God time at camp and the friendships he made at camp with those pursuing Jesus. What an incredible experience!" This testimony from a summer camp parent sums up much of our purpose here-for those to more intimately know Jesus Christ as their Savior, while in a community of people having a ton of fun doing it together.

  7. 1186. The number of individuals/churches/and organizations that supported the ministry of Riverside this past year with a financial gift! Whether it was a camp store donation of $0.50, or a larger gift, all of these gifts make an impact. These gifts total $650,253.99!

God is so God, so faithful, and is one of abundance. May this year, 2024, be another year of seeking the Lord and the abundant life that He alone brings.

God's blessings to you and we hope to see you soon!

Chris Dahl

Executive Director


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