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Young Adults Retreat

Wanting to connect with others in a similar phase of life over things that truly matter? Come spend 24 hours with us for a restful, fun, and transformational time of worship and fellowship!​

What to expect: time to relax, laugh, connect with old and new friends, and worship our King - all mixed with the delightfully unpredictable fun of camp.


Age: College - Early 30s

Dates: December 17-18, 2022
  (Sat. @11:30am - Sun. @11:30am)

Price: $35


Speaker: Carrie Brcka


Meet Our Speaker - Carrie Brcka!

Carrie Brcka grew up in small town Iowa where knowing your neighbors and helping others were not just words on a page, but a way of life. From a young age she has been curious about this “way of life,” and sharing it with others.


After receiving her undergraduate education from Iowa State University (Go Cyclones!) her plans included moving to Kansas City to begin a career in corporate consulting. However, God’s plans looked different.  Instead, she found herself back in small town Iowa completing her Master of Arts from Wartburg Theological Seminary. She is the current student ministry and prayer ministry coordinator at Lutheran Church of Hope Ames where her passion for community and sharing that the good grace upon grace of Jesus Christ is for ALL people continues to grow.


In her free time, Carrie enjoys attending her students' events and performances, reading, writing, running, and sharing a decaf coffee & chocolate chip cookie with others. A fun fact about Carrie is that before she teaches to any size of group she imagines her little girl self-back in the Riverside chapel SCREAMING These are the Days of Elijah to hype her up about of the unabandoned zeal of faith.

Carrie Pic for YAT.jpeg

 “Trust in the Lord…lean not on your own understanding…he will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6


In a world of fake news, false realities, and an endless amount of other unsteadiness a daily walk of life trusting in anything can seem terrifying.  But God says, “Lean.” Have a support system. Put your trust in something. Put your trust in me.  Join us as we take a deeper look into this straight path with Jesus and ask ourselves what are we leaning our time, energy, and resources into? Is it offering us hope? Is it giving us life? Lean in and find out. 

If you have any questions about the Young Adults Retreat, please contact Gabby Hartmann at or 515-733-5271.

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