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Merry Christmas from Riverside!

Greetings from our team and Merry Christmas to you from your Riverside family!

On my walks around camp recently, it's been a little quieter than usual. The leaves are gone, the water is iced over, the snow has fallen, and the deer are filling the roads. In the quiet, I reflect back on how thousands of people stepped foot on this property in the last year. I'm so grateful for the Lord leading each individual here this year, and for the past 79 years, to encounter the living God in a powerful, loving, and personal way. It is our continued mission to boldly be a camp that is focused on knowing Jesus Christ and making Christ known to all--that all who the Lord draws here year after year come to faith in Jesus Christ.

Giving Tuesday Recap.

We had a blast at our Giving Tuesday event this year (which, due to weather, turned into Giving Wednesday as well)! Thanks to so many who came out to camp and those who

supported us from a distance with your generous giving, the Lord exceeded our $25,000 goal--and we were blessed with over $41,000. We praise God for His provision and abundance as we look towards ending 2022 strong financially, heading into 2023!

Office Remodel.

We're grateful for our office space at Riverside, which houses the majority of our year around staff. However, the office is in great need of updates to be a hospitable place for our staff and welcoming guests year around. After many years of discussion, the Board has decided that time has come. The remodel will begin at the end of January and we hope to have it

wrapped up by the end of March. In the meantime, our office will move over to Mortvedt Hall (building closest to the pool) from January 3-the completion of the remodel. We'll be excited to welcome you to the newly remodeled office once it's completed!

Chris' Sabbatical: January 7-March 24, 2023.

I'm grateful to our Board of Directors to be granted a sabbatical beginning January 7, and returning March 24. I'm thankful for this extended time of rest, solitude with the Lord, and time with family. I will dearly miss our year around staff during this time away, but am so grateful for this strong team that will lead and carry out our mission with great excitement during my time away. If you have any specific needs during my time away, you can email and your email will be forwarded along to one of our team members. Please hold our team and myself in prayer during this time.

Annual Meeting Date: Sunday February 5, 2023 at 2pm in the Dining Hall.

Our annual meeting of the Riverside Association will be Sunday February 5, 2023 at 2pm. Please connect with your congregation about who your delegates are. We look forward to seeing many of you there!

God's blessings to you, friends, and Merry Christmas!



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